The deadlines for ordering different services are as follows:

1.10.2018 invitations

10.10. exhibition catalogue

22.10. constructions and furniture, compressed air, water and sewerage

5.11. electricity, cleaning, greenery, data communications, restaurant services, forwarding, forklift service

Invitations to exhibition and to the Ice-breaker evening

About a month before the exhibition we will send you invitations to the Opening  and the Ice-breaker evening (amount according to the size of your stand). Exhibitors have free entry with their exhibitor ID-card.

In the same package you will receive your invitations to the exhibition.  You can order your cards ready-printed with your logo and stand number. Distributing invitations is free of charge. The recipients must pre-register as a visitor. After the exhibition we will give you a register of those visitors who have mentioned you as an inviter upon pre-registering.

We will also send you an electronic invitation, which you can forward to your customers by e-mail. The invitation includes company-specific registration link. Use it to invite your clients to visit the exhibition, because when they use the link to register to the exhibition they will automatically be coded as invited by you!

Stand design / construction

Our technical department designs and constructs exhibition stands with aluminium profile structures, ranging from various decorations to complex constructions. Our service also includes the stand maintenance during the event. If required, we will also take care of the following services for you: constructions, furniture, lighting, water connection and sewerage, compressed air connections, decoration, greenery, electricity, data communications and cleaning.

For more information, please visit the website of our technical department.


Stand electricity includes electrification, the audit fee and electricity consumption.

We will cut off electricity from the exhibition halls and all the stands at night. If you have for example a fridge which requires continuous electricity at your stand, it must be ordered separately.

Stand cleaning

Stand cleaning includes: – waste collection during construction – removal of plastic covers for carpeting – initial cleaning (carpet vacuuming and dusting) before the exhibition days – daily waste collection – final cleaning after the exhibition, when constructions have been removed

If your stand has a lockable backroom and you want it to be cleaned as well, give the key to the cleaning person or leave the door open.


Fixed internet connection will be established with RJ-45 connectors. Price includes unlimited use of provided connection during the exhibition, and we guarantee functioning. Workstation connection can be divided with for example your own WLAN-net.

WLAN – PaviljonkiFree WLAN is available at the lobbies and doesn’t require password – PaviljonkiPro WLAN is available in the halls and meeting facilities. User ID and password you get from the exhibition office. Both are free of charge, but we cannot guarantee flawless function.

Restaurant services

Jyväskylän Paviljonki has a number of cafe points and restaurants, offering sweet and savory treats as well as lunch buffet to satisfy both small and larger hunger.

Remember to take care of the personnel building or working at your stand. Lunch or coffee coupons are easy to organize: the restaurant will send to you on October the pdf-file, which include the personalized coupons (all coupon types on the same file and all coupon types are personalized by Qr-code) to your use. Coupons will be scanned on the restaurant cashier and after the exhibition you will get the invoice only the used amount of coupons.

Giving coupons is also an easy and comfortable way to show hospitality to your partners and guests.

See the restaurant opening hours here.

Order tasty catering to your stand from Paviljonki Restaurants. We serve you with a varied selection, and can also design catering specifically to your wishes. The plastic glasses, plates and table napkins are included the prices.

Ice-breaker evening 20.11. at 6.00 p.m.

The Ice-breaker evening will take place on Tuesday 20.11. from 6.00p.m. Welcoming drinks are served by the exhibition organizer in the entrance lobby.

Opening of the evening is on 6.15 p.m. at Lecture stage, hall D. The program will include a few speeches and entertainment. The Ice-breaker evening in the exhibition area ends at 9 p.m. We hope that all stands are manned during the evening.

You can invite your vip guests to the evening with the Ice-breaker evening invitations (valid only at 20.11. from 5.30 pm. – invitations are free of charge for you). Exhibitors have free entry with their exhibitor ID-card.

Exhibition logistics

Goods can be delivered to the halls from the first building day. The payer of the freight must be mentioned clearly on the bill of freight. Please notice that Jyväskylä Fair Ltd personnel cannot sign the shipments.

Delivery address

When mailing:
Jyväskylän Paviljonki / FinnMateria 2018
Exhibitor / Stand number
PL 127 
FIN-40101 Jyväskylä

When using transport company and your stand is in hall B:
Jyväskylän Paviljonki / FinnMateria 2018
Exhibitor / Stand number
Schaumanin Puistotie 18 / maintenance door B3
FIN-40100 Jyväskylä

Exhibition logistics is arranged by Suomen Messulogistiikka Oy. Please contact Mr. Erkki Koski, tel. +358 40 546 9555 or if you need truck, forklift, storage or transport services during the exhibition. During the building-up and moving-out times the logistics service is available by mobile.

Contact personnel

Sales director 
Raimo Pylvänäinen, tel. +358 400 671 923, raimo.pylvanainen(at)

Sales manager 
Mia Kalajanniska, tel. +358 50 452 3865,

Sales manager
Tanja Hurttia, tel. +358 50 362 2548,

Sales secretary
Tiina Lampinen, tel. +358 50 462 2944,

Technical department 
Sales negotiator Ari Barck, tel. +358 500 648 410,


Your company’s own website is the perfect place to tell your customers of your participation in FinnMateria 2018 exhibition. Therefore you should build a link from your website to, where those who are interested can get more information about the event.

From Media page you will find downloadable logos and banners of the exhibition that you can use in your own marketing. You can use logos for example in e-mail signatures telling that you are a part of the event.


You can send your press releases to tiina.lampinen(at), we will add them to our website for media to upload.


Every person working at the stands during the exhibition must have a personal ID-card.

Exhibitor card allows entry to the exhibition area throughout the event. You can print your own ID-card from link below. You just fill in your name, (title), company and the e-mail address where you want the confirmation. Please remember to take to printed card with you when you come to Paviljonki.

Standbuilder card allows entry to the halls only during building-up and moving-out. Standbuilder cards are printed the same way.


During the period of moving in and out, Jyväskylä Fair Ltd. offers you free car parking in parking area P3 (limited amount of places, though). Parking cards for this period will be available from the parking personnel. The parking areas beside Jyväskylän Paviljonki are controlled by the traffic wardens of the city of Jyväskylä. Accordingly, the parking card should be placed so that it is clearly visible through the vehicle windscreen. Heavy-duty vehicles are to be moved away from the area for the duration of the exhibition.

During the exhibition period, 21.-22.11., parking is subject to charge in all areas. The parking fee is either 1 euro / hour or 12 euros / day. You can pay the charge directly to the cashier machines located in the area.

Wireless telecommunication equipment

Use of wireless telecommunication equipment, such as wireless microphones or radio transmitters, always requires authorisation from Production Manager Kimmo Kempainen (kimmo.kemppainen(at) 2 weeks before the exhibition at the latest.


It is not allowed to fix materials of any type to the hall walls.

Materials can be fixed to the hall floor using exclusively adhesive tape that can be detached from the floor without leaving marks, e.g. Eurocel 704. This tape can be purchased at the Exhibition office. If a tape that violates the floor when removed or leaves traces is used, we will charge the repair / cleaning costs from the exhibitor.

It is not allowed to paint stand wall elements or stick any material on them. Decoration materials can be fixed to the frame profiles by suspending. Decoration materials can be fixed to the wall panels using strong tape, e.g. Pro Contact or Powertrips; for felt-surfaced wall panels, decoration pins can also be used. Adhesive tape and silicone tape can be purchased from the Exhibition office.

Exhibitors are responsible for removing all fastened materials from the elements before dismounting the stand. Exhibitors or stand builders are also responsible for removing floor tapes.

Waste treatment

Normal construction and disassembly waste, packaging material, etc. left from stand construction are collected for recycling by our contractor free of charge. For the waste management of special stands (e.g., wood-construction stands), we will give a separate quotation.

Our contractor takes care of waste collection also during the exhibition time if you have ordered stand cleaning. If you have not ordered stand cleaning and you have waste to be collected, you should deliver it yourself to the waste containers located in the halls paying attention to appropriate sorting. Please observe the signs attached to the waste containers. Besides the energy waste, there are containers in the halls for waste that is taken to the landfill sites as well as for waste paper and carton