Firma Codogni Sp.j.

100 Topolowa str., 37-464 STALOWA WOLA, POLAND

“Firma Codogni” Sp. J. Poland
Forged Steel Balls for Grinding Mills for Non-Ferrous Metals Mining and Heat & Power Industries

The Company ”Firma Codogni” sp. j. (general partnership), established in 1990, produces steel balls used in milling and crushing processes for mining, power and cement industries. Our company holds the status of a protected work company, after meeting the terms of the law on rehabilitation and employment of the disabled in late 1990.

Taken in the early 90s, working with KGHM Polish Copper SA resulted in the company’s gradual development. In 1998 and 2000, we have added two 1000-ton press lines based on induction heating and extended our production capacity.
The assortment of produced balls, with diameters 60 -100 mm, meets the expectations of domestic and international clients: optimization of production costs and application of cost-reducing technologies allows us to maintain competitive prices and to improve the quality of our products. Current total capacity amounts to 9000 – 10000 tons of finished product, which puts our company in the forefront of production of grinding media in Poland. We trust in the future and further development and thus, we are honoured to present you our company.